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Chantaburi Thailand -
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You will reach Chantaburi by passing Sattahip and Rayong. The beautiful city of Chantaburi has kept its original charm and has changed little over the last decade. The name of Chantaburi originated through the occurrence of precious gemstones, such as Sapphire and Rubin just below the surface. Chantaburi is the city of beautitiful gemstones – rubies and sapphires and the famous Sapphire and Gemstone Market and the biggest Catholic Cathetral of Thailand, Wat Kao Sukim – collection place of art and craftsmanship material exhibition. Furniture and decorations as porcelain, silverware, pottery, cloths and paintings from al over Asia. Mines as well as related industries, such as grinding and cutting of stones are the main income for this part of the kingdom. Chantaburi is also the home of Thailand’s most favorite condiment, the fish sauce.