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As it is usually sultry-hot during most of the year, we recommend to wear cloth made from light cotton or silk. If you plan to drive to the far north of the Kingdom between November and February, it is recommended not to forget a jacket or a pullover, as the evenings can get chilly. Public transport, shops, offices, banks are usually equipped with air-condition system, most of them adjusted to “near freezing” levels, so be careful not to catch a cold. If you plan to go the movies, do take a sweater with you, sitting in an environment below 20 degrees Celsius for a couple of hours might not be good for your health during the rest of your stay.

Thais pay a lot of attention to a neat appearance and by visiting an exhibition and being invited for an upper class dinner, the wearing of a suit and tie or a costume will certainly gain you respect among the hosts. The everywhere to be seen casual outfit of most western is smiled upon by most Thais.

Attending social events in an outfit too casual may result in never being invited again and not being respected highly or being regarded with little sympathy.

If you are planning a hike, go for light and tight shoes, use a hat or cap as a protection against the sun on your head and always keep a handkerchief with you to get rid of all the sweat dripping down your forehead and eyebrows.