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Elephant Riding Pattaya -
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Elephant Riding

Close to Pattaya and most recommendable for Hobby-Photographers, on Sukhumvit Road, near Jomtien. This Elephant Garden offers wonderful on back Elephant Trekking at the surrounding areas and Ox-Cart Riding – a unique experience. The elephant always has played a major role in the history of Thailand, being used as a tank , heavily armed with one or more soldiers sitting on its back in earlier times or even today, as a valuable helper for farm works and carrier of wood. At the elephant village, you will see how elephants are caught, trained and what this wonderful huge animal is willing to do. Elephant Riding A exciting experience in your life will be to ride an elephant through the country part of Pattaya, with an elephant boy as the leader of your “vehicle”. In ancient times, this was the only way to travel long routes.