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The kingdom of Thailand, previously called Siam, can be found in South East Asia. It covers an area of 514,000 square kilometers. North to South extension is approx. 2,000 km. The population is estimated at more than 60 Million while the capital Bangkok accommodates 10 Million.
The kingdom is divided into 75 provinces, each with a provincial governor. Population origin is  of 76% Thai, 14% Chinese and a combined 10% from Malaysia, Laos, Burma, Vietnamese, India and mountain people. Religiously, 94% are Buddhist, 4 % Islam, 1.5% Confucianism and 0.5% Christians.
Neighboring countries are Cambodia in the Northwest, Cambodia and Laos in the East and Malaysia in the South with the remaining borderline is occupied in the west by the Indian Ocean and in the east by the South Chinese Sea.
Geographically, Thailand is divided into 6 regions.
North-Thailand, with foothills of the Himalayan mountain stretch, Isaan, a barren area, where the population’s income is meager and based on rice growing.
Central-Thailand, the rice chamber of the kingdom, supplied with lots of water from the Chao Phraya River and its side rivers, the 
Eastern Shore flatland, known by its city resorts and islands, especially Pattaya and Rayong, the
western mountainous region with beautiful sightseeing destinations, such as River Kwai (which actually means River river, as the Americans did not that Kwai means already river), 3 Pagoda Pass and others, the
Malayan Peninsula, known through its resources of tin and rubber as well as extremely popular holiday destinations Phuket and Koh Samui.The name Thailand means” Land of the Free”, which is true in a way as the country was never colonized as its neighborhood countries. Patriotism and Pride are written in capital letters, impressive architecture, magnificent landscape and a unique culture are the characteristics for the kingdom.