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The Kings of Thailand -
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The Kings of Thailand

King Rama I moved the capitol of Siam from Thonburi to Bangkok, and was the initiator and mastermind behind the construction of the Grand Palace. The liberation of Thailand from Burmese control was done during his regency.


King Rama II was worldwide well known for literature talent.


King Rama III engaged himself in the development of international trade und education of his subjects and the builder of many temples throughout Thailand


King Rama IV served many years in the monk hood, before starting to modernize the kingdom. He prepared his children thoroughly on a changing environment and engaged Anna Leonowen to teach English to his subjects and family.


King Rama V was and is one of the most beloved kings in the Thai history. His day of death is remembered since and celebrated as a holiday. He abolished slavery, saved Siam from colonialism, and built the first railway, reformed the education for his subjects and built up the relationship with countries outside the kingdom.


King Rama VI was a great poet and continued in the footsteps of his father to improve the infrastructure of the kingdom.


King Rama VII lost during his reign the absolute power and the constitutional monarchy was established.


King Rama VIII, a nephew of King Rama V raised to the throne after King Rama V II abdication. He was found dead in 1946.


King Rama IX is the reigning king since 1946 and the longest reigning monarch in the world. He saved the country from the communists, was a major advisor to prevent and save the country from several crises and civil wars and is tireless in improving the standard of living of his subjects.