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National Banner and Holidays of Thailand -
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National Banner and Holidays of Thailand

Today’s national flag was presented to the public in 1917 and replaced the old banner, which showed a white elephant on red background, and was created by King Vajiravudh in order to give a more westernized appeal. The banner is composed of 5 stripes of color, red for the nation, white for purity and blue for the monarchy.

Thailand, known as land of smile is also the land of festivals. Thais love to celebrate and whenever there is a reason for, it will be joylessly celebrated. New Year is celebrated thrice, on the 31st of December , a second time either in the second half of January or first half of February, depending on the moon calendar, .and known as the Chinese New Year celebrations and Songkran, the Thai New Year and Water festival, which is the most important of all celebrations. It takes place on April 13 and 14 and festivities easily last longer than a week.

Here an overview over important holidays in the Kingdom of Thailand :
01. Jan: New Years Day
End Jan./Beg. Feb: Chineses New Year
08. Feb: Makha Bucha Day (religious)
06. Apr: Chakri-Day (statutory Holiday) Day the Chakri-Dynasty was established
13.-15. Apr: Songkran (statutory holiday) Thai New Year and Water festival
01. May: Labour Day
05. May: Coronation Day (statutory Holiday) Anniversary of  King Bhumibol’s coronation in the year 1950
26. May: Visakha Bucha Day depending on the full moon in May, (statutory holiday)
24. Juli: Asarnha Bucha (statutory holiday ) to commemorate the first sermon of Buddha
25. Juli: Buddhist Lent Day (religious holiday)
12 Aug: Queen’s Birthday (statutory holiday)
23. Oct: Chulalongkorn Day (statutory holiday) Day of death of the beloved King Rama V
05. Dec: King’s Birthday (statutory holiday)
10. Dec: Onstitution Day (statutory holiday)
31. Dec: New year’s Eve (statutory holiday)

Be aware, that on religious holidays no alcohol can be bought in a bar or pub. The King’s birthday usually has the pouring of alcohol prohibited one day prior to December 5th while two days before an election no alcoholic beverages are allowed anywhere in the kingdom.