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Some tips for Travelers Thailand -
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Some tips for Travelers

A journey into a country far away from home should start with your very own intention to know more about its people and culture
You should get accustomed with local habits and customs and you will certainly find somebody to help you in doing this.

Listen, pay attention and watch is certainly the best way to know the land and people better

Habits and feelings of your hosts must be respected and be aware, that with your actions you might hurt these feelings without knowing, such as taking photographs of people without asking.

The way of life and understanding of time might differ from your own perceptions, but this doesn’t  have to be bad, it is just different from yours.

If you belong to the group of people who always know more or better than other people, you might put yourself into the shoes of the person you question or talking to

As only one of many 1000 visitors in the country, do not demand any special privileges for your self.

Do not forget, that while doing your shopping, the lesser price  of the goods is only possible because of the low income of the population.

The traveler,who can hardly afford a journey into this country, should think about twice in doing so, as it might be better to spend money otherwise.

Do behave polite all the time, even during disputes, do not show your anger, you  get further much better with a smile on your face.

Avoid touching the head of local people, even not as a caring gesture with children, the head as the home of the soul is the holiest part of the body.

Do not direct your feet onto other people, even when sitting. As lowest part of the body, feet are regarded as dirty.

Do not show criticism on the king and any members of the royal family. Political discussion should be avoided. Please do remember, Thailand is only one of the few countries in the world that was never colonized, a fact every Thai is proud of.

Women must never touch a monk, or sit beside them, avoid body contact.

If being invited to a house or going to a hotel, always remove your shoes before entering,. Pay attention to proper attire when you visit a temple or royal palace.

The export of Buddha statues, even imitations is not permitted.

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