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Thai Dishes

You should taste during your stay :
Kaeng Mat Sa Man, tasty beef curry with peanuts, not too spicy
Kaeng Keow Wan Gai, sweet, green chicken curry with aubergines and chili
Kaeng Phaed ped yang, Duck curry with cherry tomatoes and pineapple, a bit spicy
Tom ka Gai, Chicken in coconut milk with lemongrass, mushrooms and onions
Tom yam Kung, Chili-Soup with shrimps, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and garlic, spicy
Khao Tom, Rice soup with either fish, chicken, pork, beef and egg, not spicy
Khai Yat Sai, Omelet stuffed with onions, meat and peas, not spicy
Khao pat, Deep-fried rice with beef, pork, chicken, seafood, egg and vegetable
Kwae teow rad na talay, Oven backed noodles  with tasty sauce with egg and seafood
Nua pat Nam Man Hoi, Pan-fried beef in oyster sauce with spring onions
Phat pak ruam,  deep-fried vegetables
Khao rat na gai, Deep-fried chicken with vegetables on rice
Thot man pla, Deep-fried curry-fish-patties with a sweet-sour sauce
Har mok talay, Baked Seafood in thick curry sauce with vegetables, spicy
Khao man gai, Chicken with rice, soup, gherkins and spicy sauces
Kwai teow pat thai, Deep-fried thin pasta with soy-sprouts, vegetables and egg
Mu pat king, Pan-fried pork with onions and ginger
Bhu pat pong karri, Pan-fried Crab meat with curry, oniens and egg