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Fruits of Thailand -
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Fruits of Thailand

Pineapple (Sap-pa-rod) Thailand boasts the sweetest pineapples in the world, see for yourself
Banana (Kluey) Many types and tastes. Sweet, large and small. Avoid the small squat type in the markets as it is generally used only for cooking.
Carambola (Ma-fueng) A cidic fruit sometimes used for preserves. Also known as the Chinese gooseberry.
Coconut (Ma-phrao) Sculpted and served as both, beverage and fruit whilst still young. The meat is soft and tender. A wonderful refresher on a hot day.
Custard Apple-Thailand
Custard Apple (Noi-na) A many segmented fruit with lots of seeds. The segment breaks off easily in the hand.
Durian (Doo-rien) Thailand's fruit characterised by a pungent smell. Like good goat cheese, you acquire a taste for it.
Guava (Fa-rang) White, crisp fruit eaten when young. Best enjoyed with the sugar/spice condiment that is sold with it by vendors.
Jackfruit (ka-noon) Delicious tangy flavour. Large seeds are usually taken out for you leaving the sticky fruit.
Longan (Lam-yai) Thin shelled, clear coloured fruit with large black seeds. Absolutely delicious. One of Thailand's export fruits.
Mango As with many Thai fruits, eaten when not quite ripe. For a desesert that can't be eaten ask for the rype type "Sticky Rice and Mangoes"
Mangosteen (mang-kood) Some say the king Thai fruit. Thick, pulpy shell with whitish pink meat that melts in your mouth.
Orange (som) Small, more the size of a mandarin, but makes for tangy orange juice)
Mimusops (La-mood) A Thai favourite. Use a sharp knife to pare off the delicate skin
Papaya (Ma-la-gaw) Rich, red flesh. Excellent with a few drops of lemon juice squeezed over it or as a breakfast fruit.
Pomelo (Som-O) Break off a segment, peeling off any of the thin white inner skin. A treat at any time.
Rambutan (Ngaw) Juicy and fuzzy. Peel off the skin and put the whole fruit in your mouth, carefully biting the meat from the woody seed.
Rose Apple-Thailand
Rose Apple (chom-phoo) Succulent and crisp, but with "flowery" texture. Best chilled slightly over ice or in the fridge.
Tamarind (Ma-karm) Spicy little fruit in a bean type jacket
Watermelon (taeng-mo) Juicy, meaty and bouncy
Zalacca (Ra-kam) The spiny case conceals a delicious fruit.