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Thailand Kitchen

The ever growing number of Thai restaurants, cook books and cooking classes in western countries let us assume, that Thai food has become one of the most popular. The originsof Thai can be found in China. Contrary to the mild taste of Chinese food, Thai food is spicy and hot. Other countries kitchens with a reputation of being tasty and spicy food, if you compare to the food here.
Be careful when choosing the dishes in restaurants, make sure it is prepared less spicy,. Different from the Indian cuisine where food might go down your throat like sulphur, ingredients used here actually enhance the natural taste of meat, seafood and vegetable.
Should your tongue on one of your culinary journeys go on fire, do not try to extinguish it with water, eat plain rice or a little bit of salt. Don’t feel embarrassed if it happens, Thai sometimes have the same experience.
The Thai kitchen has five basics tastes, bitter, salty, sour, spicy and sweet, which in different combinations ,  with pleasant surprises each time you enjoy the food for lunch or dinner. Meat and fat is used sparingly, deliciously prepared vegetables, a variety of seafood with rice accompanying every meal.
Only fork and spoon are used, while the fork in your left hand is only used to move the food onto the spoon, which is held in your right hand. A Knife  is not necessary, as the food is portioned into small pieces.
To consume noodle soups chopsticks are used, while the liquid is slurped from a Chinese porcelain spoon. Soups do not belong to the group of appetizers and are taken together with the other dishes.
Be careful, not all what is in the soup can be eaten. Ingredients such as lemongrass, caffir leaves, coriander only serve as condiments . There are no fixed meal times throughout the day, you eat when you are hungry. Basic ingredient is always the rice, comparable to the use of potatoes in western countries, which is prepared in various styles  and served. For thousands of years, rice is grown and harvested in Thailand, while the art of setting the seeds and harvesting the rice has not changed and is still done by hand.